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Not sure why but I've had 2 clear bells ring and do the animations that a Ho-oh is going to appear then it just stops and nothing spawns. I will need a spawn or just a replacement Clear bell since I'm not sure it will ring again because it is bugged. Thank You!

Hey Nyk,

I have a few questions about your bells.

Have they spawned a Ho-Oh already? If not, how many days have they been ringing?

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I had 2 set up next to each other,  I got one and the other started to ring doing the animations and sounds but it just randomly stopped and didnt spawn a Ho-oh 

Windows has mentioned that he had the same bug as you.

You will have to wait until the bell rings once again. You don't have any disadvantages because of this, except for the long waiting.

Ho-Oh will spawn like it normally does.


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