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If you set your team prefix [/team prefix] as a member of the team it shows an error message but still works, only issue is most players don't think to test in chat before asking how to fix it so changing the message after you use the command would be useful. Also as the owner of a team when I do /team prefix it does not set the prefix with the double stars.



-PS Please add back the feature where you hover over someones prefix and it would tell you what team they're in and who is the leader of that team.

Hey Nyk!

Thank you for reporting those bugs. /team prefix doesn't work indeed. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to test the thing with the stars, but I will just add it to Lemon's list and he will (hopefully) fix it in near future.

You can always suggest the hover thingy in the #suggestions channel, as soon as the bot works again.

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