Gym capped system vs reusing older teams

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As a player who has been on this server for many years, let me be the first to say it is such an agonizing slog having to start from scratch each and every time the gyms get reset, revamped or world moved. I've been champ at least 2 times in this servers life (3 if the server wasn't being reset a month ago and a gym manager put me in the HoF) the system that was in place a month ago was perfect for returning and veteran players who have spent hours on their Pokémon training and breeding them. The capped system is such a hindrance to older players who have redone their teams 5 or 6 times for every revamp. New players won't mind as much, but I'm speaking for those who've been around for some time. So, my suggestions: 

- remove the cap system or allow gym leaders to set the cap for people with over leveled Pokémon.   
- players who were champion before any revamp have their titles carried over, how that's done I'll leave for debate. These people have already shown their worth and shouldn't have to be nuked to 0 each and every time. 

-revert to the prior system that was used on old kanto a month ago.

i hope for a gym manager to see this and grant me some insight on this because as an older player, I really have no incentive at all to log back on, and redo all the hard work I've made for the 6th/7th time. im sure there are other older players who share a similar opinion. The way I see it this system caters more to newer players and leaves older ones to pick up the pieces and reset. 2 or 3 times sure no problem. 6 and beyond, why even bother spending that time? 






While I do see where you're coming from, each time the gyms reset it's an opportunity to add 6 new competitively viable Pokemon into your pc, as by the end of the gym challenge you have a level 90 pokemon, slap 10 rare candies on it and it adds to your collection. Which increases your versatility. Or with each reset you can make rules for yourself to only use monotype teams or take yourself down a tier. 

If you keep going with the same strategy you'll have a PC full of speed boost Sharpedos.

If your incentive to log on every day is to look at old badges that have no monetary value. Then maybe you need a new incentive =/

A lot of times when the plugins we have update the information gets wiped. The same goes for when we reset the server. Its a lot easier with the man power and resources we have to just start fresh. As a player that has been registered on this server for over 5 years I find any time there is a wipe it opens the door to a new challenge.

I hoped this helped offer you some insight.

As always with any idea if it gains enough support we will look into possibly making it happen. However I don't for see this coming before other issues that we are currently plagued by.

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