[SELLING] Shinies (1.10.2)

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Hello. I am poor. So I am selling shinies from the 1.7.10 server that I have transferred to the new and updated server.

Seller: Submissions (og name, ikr)

Shinies I am selling:

  • Machamp (37% IVS)
  • Glaceon (50% IVS)
  • Vaporeon (43% IVS)
  • Kyogre (56% IVS)
  • Dragonite (60% IVS)
  • Salamence (46% IVS)
  • Ditto (70% IVS)
  • Ursaring (40% IVS)
  • Swampert (63 IVS)

More Shinies being transferred to 1.10.2!

I take offers! Don't bother replying to this unless you are a staff member who needs to correct or tell me if I am doing someone that is not allowed!

If you want to buy from me, wait till I get on the server. /msg Submissions I'm interested in <insert pokemon name(s) here> and I'm offering <amount> pd for it/them.

can i buy the ditto plz