Simple Marketing/Mass Production and Explanation of an Excess Economy

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Alright this is a simple thing I'm discussing. Just a simple understanding of how an economy works, what mass production is and how to avoid an excess economy. I will begin on how an economy works and the different types of vendors.


To understand economy we must first know what it is: The wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

That being said, in general terms, an economy is the overall wealth of all the people from acquiring items and selling them. Now this ties in with mass production and a broken economy but im not going to go there yet. You might be like, alright, so well sell items, yes. That is how you make money. But how? Easy. You can simply make a business, an organization, or even an individual agent (this is what determines in which way you are making your money). Let me explain all three of them. A business: the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce. This is in much simpler terms, just making deals with people, selling items for your own profit, and being in the conversation of deals and sales. This is how you become a business. Now for the next one, an organization. Which is quite similar to business, but has a little difference. Organization is an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business or association. What does that mean? That means, it's still a business, but rather, your working with a team. It could be through sharing the money, working together for each others services or any co-operation between each other that makes them a team in selling. Now for the one that depends solely on you: Individual. Simple. Individual is the independent act. You do all services by yourself and all the money goes to you. Very similar to business, but its definitely solely based on just YOU. Nobody but you. Providing services others may not, providing services for cheaper, etc. It's still a business, without the aspect of being in conversation with others. Your all by yourself a lone wolf, which typically doesn't work out. Especially not in this server. Individual is usually one of the ones you want to avoid unless your just starting out fresh. In that case, you should.

Now all of these agents have one thing in common. They're in search for MONEY! Yes, no matter how you put it, the one goal out of what you decide to do will always be the exchange. Economic transactions occur when two parties agree to the value or price of the transacted good or service. Before you even begin searching for money, the best thing to have is a stock of items. You want to have what the people want, not what you want. The important thing here is to satisfy those who are searching for items. It is your job as a salesmen/women to do what you need to achieve your ultimate goal. Once you achieve that point, no matter how, you can begin the process. The easiest way to get to a seller point is to be able to invest in many things or be able to produce things more efficiently or things people cant obtain, etc. It's pretty simple. Now lets put an example: A buyer wanting a 50% IV Lugia and it just so happens Billy Bob has it. So now, Billy Bob will interact with the buyer. They will agree on the price now, that is the first thing! The buyer wants the Lugia for 2,500 pokedollars and Billy Bob thinks its a fair price. So he decides to sell it to him. The buyer now owns a 50% IV Lugia. But notice, what did Billy Bob achieve? He now has money! He could invest into many other things to sell again. This is how he started his own shop and invested in 5IV pokemon. And so on. Lets say, Billy Bob bought 52 shiny pokemon and decided to keep them. That's how you go broke and don't achieve anything. Just remember that an important part of economy is profiting in what you have and investing in things others don't have or need. Now on to the second topic. Mass Production.

Mass Production
As always, before I discuss a topic, I will tell you what it is. Mass Production is known as flow production or continuous production and it is the production of large amounts products.

Now what you might say? Well mass production is something that could be good for the seller by many multitudes. In this case lets speak about minecraft. At /warp pokemart, you cant sell farmable items. Why? It would break the economy. How? Mass production. But why is mass production bad? Alright, easy. Anyone can easily mass produce an item. Because once you begin working on your production, you increase exponentially. It's not just a random drop you have a chance at getting. It's something you can MASS PRODUCE! If you mass produce things, you get insane amounts of money. If you sell wheat even for 0.015 pokedollars, it doesn't matter. Money ADDS UP! Usually you don't notice but even that much money adds up. Producing any large amount of something, by multitudes, means that you will be able to gain huge amounts of money. By multitudes I'm talking exponentially, which is an equation that eventually involves exponents and increases numbers by its own values and multiples. It's a long process, but here is a link to help you understand this: []. Which if you don't know what it is,  I recommend that you get a clear understanding on it. Now an example: once you reach 1,000 wheat, you can plant more, and more, and more! So you could easily even hire your own personal farmers at this point once you've sold so many crops! Now, what if everyone where to do this? Now this is where we get into the failure of an economy! Or something also known as an excess economy.

Broken Economy/Excess Economy

As explained in Mass Production, how its the production of large amounts of products, this ties in very closely with an excess economy. Now that you understand what would happen with the wheat example and how if everyone were doing it, that is the perfect version of an excess economy. What is that you may ask? Simple, it is an excess amount of items being sold for low prices and then just being mass produced. If everyone could do this, what's the point? Back to Minecraft, if everyone were to sell that wheat for not even 1 cent, you'd still be making bank because of how much there is! Those who need the items will buy it, but what if everyone will sell it now. Its worth almost nothing now and was abused of. Like said, too much of anything is bad. And with that being said, theres your explanation for, "Why cant we sell sugar cane, wheat, etc". The server wouldn't be fun anymore and would also lose its aspect of Pixelmon. Which is the most important part. We're not here to farm and make money. We're here to put pixelmon in circulation in and out. Which is another reason which I wont be going into it as its pretty easy to understand. And that is it.



If you see anything that is spelt wrong please let me know, want to talk about this topic, shoot me a message on the server or a message through here.

I'd appreciate any feedback and would like to hear your ideas towards this ongoing issue on the server.




This helped alot, and inspired me to also become a businessman!

And here I was expecting another post about how the economy is irreparably broken. 10/10 would learn basic economics again

Very informative post, however I do have one comment. You said, "We're not here to farm and make money. We're here to put pixelmon in circulation in and out." which, albeit true, is simply not happening much of the time. Once a player has beaten the gyms, et cetera, et cetera they become bored. Once they become bored, the farming and money comes into play. And then there's always those players who could care less about the gyms and battling and decide to make themself a money powerhouse using methods similar to horizontal integration (look up Rockefeller in regards to this) , cough warp 42.

But overall very good piece. Many can learn from this, very well written. Kudos :)

Wasn't what I was expecting to see when I opened this post lol but it's very well written gjgj 

You got it all wrong moose, I cared deeply about battling and the gyms. The poor defenseless noobs you guys slaughtered at the gyms came to warp 42 for items. Was it therapy? Was it to even the score or try to find an exploit in battle? idk...but I probably sold it! XD #Reapingthemtears #Talkswithtitans #winning

This is how you need to explain the economy to children!

Economics in real life is much more complicated. But what you wrote really just explains many life situations. I decided to go into the business of manufacturing and selling windows and doors in 2017. For me, this is a source of income and an opportunity to do what I love. Now I have a thriving business. I work with large amounts of information using applications like Gradually understanding the subtleties of sales and learning something new every day. I hope over time my business will become a large company. In any case, I strive for this.