{Buying} Bred Pokemon

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Hi every1,

Since im back from being gone and i gave away all my competetive pokemon, i am looking to buy almost any good bred lvl1 pokemon.

I am willing to pay between 500pc and 3000pc (do not count on getting 2000pc for a good azumarill, rather think of 650pc, those high numbers (1500+) are for genderless and 85% male hidden ability pokemon only) depending on the pokemon its stats and moves and how hard it is to breed it.


 - The pokemon must have 31 ivs in 5 stats (i wont make a big deal about it if one of the 31 ivs is between 27 and 31, but only if this is in hp, def or sp. def), ALL 31 must be in a stat that the pokemon uses (e.g. no huge power azumarill with 31/5/31/31/31/31)

 - Only pokemon with good natures.

- NO dratini's, larvesta's, riolu's, eevee's, bagon's or magikarp

Post the pokemon you would like to sell including: IVS, Nature and Moves. And if it is already on the pixelmoncraft auction, i would like to see the link to it.

If im interested in your pokemon you'll hear from me soon enough

ty for your time


Hey, check out the pixelmon auction

pixelmon auction its system doesnt allow me to have the same list of pokemon that were filtered out right after i selected one to spectate and go back to the previous page. its inconvenient and time consuming since there are many, many pokemon out there.

You can hold down your "Ctrl" key and click on the Pokemon at the same time to open to page in a new tab. That way, you would keep the page you were on with all the filters, and you would have a new tab with the Pokemon you want to buy.

I sell almost every pokemon in eggform. They are 80 pc each. All lvl 1 but not ivs bred so those are random. Just stop by when i am online and visit /warp pokestuffshop

Umm... I'm not sure about my ivs for a Venusaur I have since I don't know how to check... But it's bred and level 32. Want it?

Total newb. 

Trading wild caught Lvl43 Glalie for a Legendary. Feel free to enquire!