Looking for a good builder

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Im looking for a good builder, I dont think i can possibly build something this big.



I must see examples (warps or tpa)

The buildtime for the whole project will be a month



Ill be paying money, a Rayquaza, a shiny celebi, and a shiny of choice


Im usually on Johto, if you wanna build this please contact me thanks! 


Hey, it might be useful for people to actually see what they have to build. I might do it depending on what it is.

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

I havent diecided yet Mr.Block :)

What do you need built? lol

ItNyk a nice house i have no perfences expect spruce wood, stone bricks, and red carpets lol

What server would you like it on and about how big?

Johto and about 50x50

How much PokeCoins we talking?

Also do you want the interior to be worked on or do you want to do that part so you can add rooms to your likeing for storage and all?

Yes whole house, insides and all. The Pokecoins are depending on how well the house is construction but the least you can recieve will be 10k

Did you find someone and can we end this post? Also moved to Trading/Marketplace

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

I know he changed his name because I held his PC but I completely forgot about this lol. Have an outline made, will start work on it now.

Nyk im not a male... Lol 

Sorry for assuming gender lol

Its cool and No DarkVemon still looking 

I think i may be able to help if you are still looking. I have 2 warps with excepels you may like. First is my shop this is just a little egyptic village: pokestuffshop. The second is still in the works. Its a big mansion anf my biggest project so far: ggpromansion (ignire the name it has to be chanfed soon) if you want me tk help there are2 requirements: i need a style you want to build in and the items to build because i vant take those from my own place.