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I am selling Lvl 100, and random pokemon. Pokemon, prices, and if they are shiny are listed down below.

This list will be updated when i have other pokemon on sale

Post on this topic if you want to buy the pokemon, and which price, if I am on the server MSG me if you want to buy any of these pokemon.

Prices can be adjusted just MSG me or post on this topic

  • Metagross      Lvl 100       Shiny: No            Price: 650pc
  • Charizard       Lvl 100        Shiny: Yes          Price: 1000pc
  • Tyranitar        Lvl100        Shiny: Yes          Price: 1300pc


This is on a first come, first serve basis. The only way that you can get a pokemon that someone else wants to buy, is that you look at there post and if I have not replied, bid a higher price.


I check this topic Daily

Hey, you do know that there is a pixelmon auction which is on the website where you can sell Pokemon? This is the online pixelmon auction - http://www.pixelmoncraft.com/auction

If you want to sell an ingame Pokemon all you need to do is ./sell [slotnumber] and it will come out of your toolbar ingame and be stored on the website. From here you go onto the link above make sure you are logged in and click on 'Sell a pixelmon.' Here you will see the Pokemon you have stored and it will allow you to select the Pokemon you want to sell and a price. One you have picked the price all you do is confirm you want to sell and people can buy it for PC off of there. Also if you want to cancel the auction that is possible to! I would suggest selling Pokemon this way as it reduces chance of scamming. You may already know about this and wanted to do though forums but just in case thought it give you some info. 

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

I know about the auction. It's just that I sometimes use those pokemon, and this way i can raise my prices if more than one person wants it ;)