Paying for excavation

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I'm looking for people to do lots of excavation for me. I'll pay quite a bit (1k minimum, lots more if done quickly) if someone gets rid of /warp point1 to point2 for me, which is at /warp blitz. I'll also need a lot more excavating done, so if you are quick and efficient, I'll pay lots more to do lots more (10k plus). If you are interested please message me either here on the forums or in game if I am online. Please, I really need someone xD


I assume this is on kanto yes? I may do it for little pay but when i can be bothered. I rarely ever go to kanto anymore so i can't promise i will get things done.

Gyda'i gilydd yn gryfach. Unig yr ydym yn falch  - Together we are stronger. Alone we are proud.

Sorry, forgot to include, it is on Kanto. Tell me if you want to do it, I will still pay you even if you take a while to do a little bit.

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

I might be able to get a thousand or so blocks in a 20 mins.